Alton Towers Scarefest 2017 Review

We've been to Scarefest four years in a row and this latest visit was the best yet!

For 2017, Alton Towers really went all-out to ensure visitors received an unforgettable Halloween experience. The park was fully decorated in ghoulish style, rides were open till 9pm and the Tower was taken over by three Scaremazes. Notably for this year, Alton Towers also added an extra Scaremaze, entitled ‘The Welcoming: Be Chosen’, located in the centre of Mutiny Bay.

We started off the day by going on our three favourite rides, Oblivion, Thirteen and Rita, all of which were amazing as per usual! We also got to have a sneak peak at the construction of the park’s latest ride, due to be opened in 2018; It’s current title is SW8 and very little is known about it, other than it being a wooden rollercoaster on the site of what use to be the log flume. Watch this space…..

As the sun set, we headed over to the first Scaremaze of the day, that being ‘Terror of the Towers’; this is the least scary of the mazes and consists of groups of 10 exploring the ruins of the towers, encountering a range of scary creatures and effects throughout. You have to keep your hands on the shoulder of the person in front, meaning the pace of the maze is set by the person leading the line, but it was actually nice to have one maze where we could stay together!

Indeed, after this first maze, we saw very little of each other as various semi-terrifying creatures/people seemed intent on splitting us up! This started in our second maze, ‘Subspecies: End Games’ whereby straight away the group were were sent down three separate passengers; however, these routes ended up interchanging so we did meet up again at a couple of points! The theme for this maze is slightly post-apocalyptic, with a mix of menacing army personal and monsters, meaning we were never sure what was waiting around the corner. There were also some very confined spaces and tunnels which were great, and overall created a fast-pace and scary set up.

Our next maze was in the Altonville Mines, home to the Skin Snatchers. Again, expect your group to be broken up by a variety of crazed hillbillies, who’s accents & mannerisms were fantastically authentic. This maze has plenty of creepy characters to keep you jumping, plus a variety of smaller rooms for you to explore and overall was our favourite maze of the day, even though we were split up through the whole experience!

Finally, we come to ‘The Welcoming’; we don’t want to give away too much but we can say that you experience this maze in larger groups and that most of it is open-aired. This gave a really authentic touch to the theme of the maze (which we won’t give away) and aided the contrast to the final part of the journey, where you will be given a hood to wear; this means you won’t be able to see anything for the next few minutes and have to rely on a hand rope to guide you around. We loved this part of the maze as it really added to the creepy atmosphere and built up to a visually fantastic end.

We were genuinely devastated to leave Alton Towers at the end of the day and cannot wait for Scarefest 2018, which will hopefully keep some of our favourites from this year.

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