Cruise FAQ's

To help inspire other young couples to get onboard (literally), here are some FAQ's that will hopefully answer a few common first time cruising queries. If you can't find the information you're looking for on this list, just send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Aren’t cruises for old people? No, no, no, no, no! It’s a real shame this stereotype has stuck, as many seem to associate cruises with floating retirement homes but this really isn’t the case. Just look at the average features onboard ships; rock climbing walls, nightclubs, ice-skating rinks, surfing/skydiving simulators, waterslides and high-ropes courses. It really is perfect for any young couple who want to try something new on holiday. Onboard there is a great mix of ages, but we found plenty of people aged 20-30, from all around the world.

Is it very crowded onboard? Not at all. On many occasions we found ourselves completely alone while walking on deck and even on at sea days there were always sun loungers available. That’s more than can be said for some all-inclusive holiday resorts…

What can you do if it’s an at-sea day? If none of the physical activities listed above take your fancy, there’s plenty of less strenuous activities for young people to enjoy. For those of a competitive nature, various quizzes run throughout the day or the gambling-inclined couple can head over to a casino for card games or a try at the slot machines. Many ships have indoor/outdoor cinemas and most are equipped with gyms or running tracks on deck, perfect for the fitness loving couple.

Do you have enough time in port? Yes! Most ships will dock early in the mornings (usually 7am) and don’t leave till around 6pm, giving you plenty of time in various cities. Lots of cruise lines offer shuttle buses from the port to the town centre, and if you plan ahead it’s easy to then get around on local public transport. Obviously you can’t do everything, but we find cruises a great way to tick off major attractions, such as the Leaning Tower in Pisa or the Acropolis in Athens.

What is there to do at night? Alike to hotels, cruises offer plenty of evening entertainment such as shows in the main theatres (dancing, comedy, game shows, magicians etc.), which we’ve found to be of a much higher standard than those in your average 18-30’s resort. The numerous bars offer activities such as karaoke or an open dance floor, but there is always somewhere to go for just a quiet drink together. We choose ships that have nightclubs, meaning your night can go on well into the early hours, with modern music and plenty of cocktails!

Do you get sea-sick? Luckily we’ve never suffered from that, but even if you are prone to it there are plenty of things to help which you can get onboard (such as tablets) or purchase beforehand. But as the ships themselves are so steady, the chances are you’ll even forget you’re on the water, we often do!

Aren’t the cabins tiny? Accommodation is probably going to seem a bit smaller than the average hotel room but there is plenty of space, with most cabins fitting in a sofa, wardrobe, dresser and various storage compartments. Get yourself a cabin with a balcony if you want to sit together and enjoy uninterrupted views of the open sea.

Which route do you recommend? European, Caribbean, Transatlantic, there are all amazing! As we have an educational background in Classics, we love European voyages, so we can see all the ancient Greek and Roman sites around the continent But we also love adventure activities, so we often look for ports which are close to theme parks, waterparks etc. But if relaxing on the beach is more your thing, a Caribbean cruise is perfect, allowing you to island hop to your hearts content.