In 2015, almost 15 million tourists visited Dubai, a figure which increases with each year that passes. When you consider that, plus the fact over 90% of its population is foreign born, it seems fair to say Dubai is the place where everyone wants to be.

And we’re no exception. Kicking off our 2016 travels here may actually have been a bad decision, because we’re unsure how anywhere else will be able to exceed the experience we had in Dubai. Sunbathing, sightseeing and very interesting culture, Dubai has it all. And not only does it have it, but during our time there we found Dubai always offers the biggest of it. The world’s tallest building, the world’s tallest hotel, the largest man-made islands….the list is endless and overwhelmingly impressive. For recommendations of what to do and eat, where to stay and some practical information, head to our ‘Directory’.

We visited for 6 nights in January and while that gave us time to explore a decent amount of the city (and create lots of reviews for you!) another trip is definitely on the cards, for there is so much more we want to see and do. Watch this space…


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