Less than 50km long in length, Kos is a relatively small Greek island, which meant during our fortnight stay we really got a good feel for the place. We did a lot of walking and bus travel but next time we’d like to rent a car, as many tourists seem to do, in order to really see all the island has to offer.

Kos has a great mix of things to do, from typical beach activities to more cultural experiences. As on most Greek islands, ancient ruins are a must but those looking for a more lively atmosphere can visit Kardamena, a popular nightlife spot. There are two water parks and plenty of boat trips; some take you around the island for a few hours of sailing and swimming but others act as transfers, taking passengers to places such as Turkey for the day. We visited in early July, when the weather was absolutely perfect, very hot but with a constant breeze to keep you cool. We’d encourage anyone staying in Kos to get out and explore this lovely little island, with its gorgeous beaches, friendly people and traditional Greek appearance. For our hotel review, and suggestions of what to do while in Kos, head to the ‘Directory’ .


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