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Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen, Dubai

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Located within Atlantis, the restaurant is open to both guests and the general public, serving lunch and dinner every day plus brunch on Friday’s. 

We went for dinner one evening and immediately loved the decor of the restaurant. Ambient low lighting and well spaced out tables makes it perfect for a couples romantic dinner but the design still has a lively and contemporary feel. This is aided by the open kitchen (always a plus for us, we like to see food being freshly served) and a large bar should you want an evening of drinks only.

But we really don't recommend that, because the food at BSK is not to be missed. With a European-British cuisine, there were some familiar national favourites of ours, such as the Beef Wellington or classic fish and chips. However, Wagu steak was also on the menu, so that had to be tried; there is certainly a difference with Wagu meat, it has a stronger flavour than a usual sirloin and we both really enjoyed it. The steak was served with typically British hand cut salted chips, and we also tried a delicious macaroni cheese side, topped with garlic-roasted crumbs. While not the usual accompaniment to a steak, it was nice to have a veg/potato alternative available.

Even with our mains and starters (the highly recommended potted salt beef) there was still

room for dessert. We alternated between a dark chocolate and a treacle tart, both with ice cream. Obviously it all had to be washed down with a cocktail each, and with the extensive menu there's really one for all tastes. 

We will definitely be returning to BSK Dubai (especially to try the brunch) and with such a great meal, we will certainly try another of Ramsay's restaurants on our travels.